The Jesse Tree


Happy December 1st! This year I wanted to celebrate Advent by using the Jesse Tree.  Advent starts on December 1 and ends on December 25 and each day different verses are read from the Bible to tell of the coming of Christ.  Last year we tried to read verses for each day of Advent but I think it was just hard to really understand when our son was only two.  I had read about the Jesse Tree on this blog and on this one.  By using the Jesse Tree to celebrate Advent we can make ornaments as … [Continue reading...]

Halloween Snack Mix


Need an easy, last minute treat for Halloween?  Keep reading! I am a huge fan of trail mix of any kind especially a sweet and salty mix.  We were invited to a Halloween party this past weekend and although we were told we didn't need to bring anything I wanted to make a contribution.  So I headed off to the store to purchase my ingredients. The great thing about this snack mix is that there is no real recipe needed.  You can just toss a bunch of your favorite snack items together and serve … [Continue reading...]

“Give Thanks” Wooden Door Sign


Make your front door “speak” to everyone as they pass  by. September in Texas is still warm so I’m not very motivated to lug out my box of fall decorations.  Plus, with school having just started we have to get back into our back-to-school routine.  So…a few weeks ago I pulled out my box of […]

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2013 Fall Dining Table


It’s that time of year again!  Pumpkin spice lattes, fall flavored coffee creamers, a change in the weather (unless you’re in TX like me), and fall decorations. Last year I decorated my dining table like this.  This year I had something different in mind.  I pictured lighted branches, a couple of small black lanterns, and […]

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A Colorful Bandana Centerpiece


No fresh flowers for a centerpiece?  No problem! I recently hosted a “Debt-Free Dinner” (we are officially debt free minus the mortgage) at my house and invited my family over.  Instead of cooking I opted to pick up some bbq from a local place and not worry about cooking up a storm.  Plus, my husband […]

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Tutus and Ties: A Twin Boy and Girl Shower


Back in May, I had the opportunity to open our home to help host a baby shower for my friend.  The good news is that she wasn’t just having one baby, but two!  A boy and a girl! None of us hostesses had ever had the opportunity to be involved in a shower of this […]

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Girls Night Out: Favorite Things Party


Want to gather your girlfriends for the perfect ladies night?  Then host a Favorite Things Party! I had seen this idea on Pinterest and heard a couple of my friends mentioned they had attended one but I didn’t know how much fun it truly is.  Do you like giving gifts?  Or receiving them?  Well, this […]

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“WASH” Sign for Laundry Room


Can I just be the first to admit that I am not a crafty person?  And despite what my husband’s day job is, he is not one either.  But we saw what the vision was and we rocked through this and got it done.  I’m sure someone could have done it more perfectly but I’m […]

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Chocolate Yellow Cake with Raspberry Filling


Well hello!  I know I’ve been absent for awhile but I’ll make it up to you by showing you this:   I made this as a combo dessert for my sister’s birthday and Mother’s Day for my mom since we celebrated the two events on the same day.  I saw this on Pinterest and discovered […]

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Master Bedroom Monogram Headboard Decor


Good morning to all of my readers!  I know I’ve been slacking on the blog lately but working full-time, keeping up with a toddler, and just doing life keeps me busy.  And…I’ve started running so when naptime comes on the weekend I try to escape out the door. I finally found a weekend where we […]

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